Wonders of California

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The biggest attraction in California is the beaches and the dissimilar landscapes. San Francisco and Los Angeles are great cities found in California which is known for its all possibilities of lifestyle and also for the spectacular places like cable cars from Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Bridge.


California is also known for the famous theme parks like Disneyland, Six flags Magic Mountain, California Adventure and a few more. People traveling to California not alone enjoy these picturesque places but also the wonderful dining. There are also some peculiar places which add beauty to California.

•Joshua Tree National Park is a favorite spot in the hidden valley which attracts millions of tourists every year. This place is most liked by the hikers, campers, and by families which have stargazers at night.
• Coronado beach is one of the interesting places which run along the Hotel Del Coronado, having a 5 inch long greenish blue silver fish grunion which can be seen running only at 2 to 6 nights after new or full moon between March and September.
• Thousand Island Lake is around 10,000 feet above the sea level where you can see the granite crystals shining in the sunlight. This place can also be chosen for a sleep over enjoying the light shows over the Lake.
• At the end of Big Sur, California lays the Hearst Castle which breathtaking beauty with 144 rooms in it. There is also a small museum which describes all about the Castle.


In addition to all this there are several museums, deserts, beaches, and forests which may travel to California a memorable one. Tourists visiting California have a big list of luxury hotels as all the hotels are best destinations with views of the beautiful ocean and city skyline.

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