Turkey and Greece, Holidaying Can’t Get Any Better

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It is a country which offers something different to the tourists. Turkey travels include visiting a large number of interesting places. Turkey has a rich culture. It is said that in this country the east meets the west. Istanbul is the city where you must go if you are going to Turkey. There are a large number of heritage places in this city.


One can visit a large number of beautiful mosques and churches while you are in Istanbul. The Dolmbahce and Topkapi are the famous palaces which you should visit while holidaying in Istanbul. People who love beaches would love to go to the Aegean coast in Turkey. Numerous tourists come to this coast for visiting beautiful towns and exotic beaches.

Another exotic holiday destination is Greece. When we talk about Greece travels then the first thing which comes to mind is Roman architecture and emperors. There are numerous ancient forts and palaces in Greece. In many poems, the beauty of Greece has been mentioned. Various beautiful islands where people can enjoy
to their holidays to the fullest are present in this country. Athens is the capital city of Greece which all tourists must visit for experiencing the true culture of the country.


If you wish to visit beautiful monasteries then you should go to Meteora. One can rejuvenate his soul by visiting these serene monasteries. If archaeology interests you then you would love to visit Delphi. In the Delphi museum, tourists can see a large number of historical statues. Corinth is another interesting destination to visit in Greece. Roman architecture is present in abundance in this city. Naxos, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and Dodecanese are some of the islands which are very popular among tourists in Greece.

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