My European Travels – I Love Europe!

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The union of Europe countries makes it easy to go from one country to the next. So far I have been to France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden and England. I have been to a variety of cities but would like to talk about my favorites.



I love this city. It has a great mix of lively activity and scenic beauty. Being located on the coast means here you can combine a beach holiday with a city break. There’s lots to see and do here. From the various museums and buildings of Montjuic to the vast markets and shopping areas.

As an olive lover I particularly enjoyed going to the food market in the middle on the day off Las Ramblas, the central street of the city. Here you can find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, pickles, bread and cheese. It’s a great place to gather lunch ingredients.



This is the most unique city in Europe that I have visited and I don’t think you can find a place like it anywhere in the world. It is filled with culture and proud heritage from the vast Roman empire which existed a few hundred years ago.

For me, the weather and the food was the best. I am a great fan of Italian cuisine and unlike many other places in Europe, it caters for vegetarians well. The ruins and the colosseum are amazing.



This is a huge city. There is so much to do and see that you can only touch the surface in a week long visit. From cruising along the Thames and riding the London Eye to seeing musical shows in the evening, you can never be bored.

The city is filled with all cultures across the globe and is racially the most diverse place I’ve ever visited. It is expensive to do anything in London but as a one off, the money does’t matter too much.

The bars and clubs are also fabulous and really are in a different league to most other places I’ve been to.

I could go on about the other few cities I’ve been to but it’d take too long. It is amazing how different countries can be when they’re so close together. For example, Sweden and Italy differ vastly in their language, culture, cuisine and weather. It’s definitely worth exploring this vast land at some point during your life.

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