Holiday Fun in Indian and Bhutan

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Indian travels include holidaying in such a manner that the tourist feel closer to the nature and experience the diverse culture of India. In India, you would find such cities which are full of world class facilities and you would also find such towns which are distant from the advancement in technology.


It is said that one can attain peace of mind by coming to India. It is certainly right because there are many places in Indian where one can come close to the almighty god. Cities like Mathura and Banaras are holy cities where people come to attain peace for soul and mind. India has a lot for every person no matter what his age or gender is.

Bhutan is a small country which is a neighbor to India. From India, it is very easy to reach Bhutan. Bhutan is also a great country to visit. Bhutan travels are all about interesting tourist spots and fun filled holidays. Paro Valley is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Bhutan. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. The royal family of Bhutan lives in this city.


Taksang Monastery is a beautiful monastery located in Bhutan. Tourists can enjoy a large number of breath taking views in the area which surrounds this monastery.

Drukgyal Dzong is a beautiful town which is located in Bhutan. Bumthang Valley is another great place where one should go. Tamshing Lhakhang, Mongor, Jakar Dzong and Tashi Gng are some of the places which one must visit in Bumthang valley. Bhutan is a lovely country where tourists can spend peaceful holidays. Bhutan travels are affordable and fun.

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